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Three Clash Royale Cheats You Should Know

Clash Royale cheats make it a lot easier to play the game. It follows the Clash of Clans method and mixes it up with card fighting mechanics. Many of the magical attacks and troops you are familiar with are added here in a trading card format. On the battlefield, it seems like a great idea to rush an attack or take your opponent down as quickly as possible. However, during the starting moments of the match, begin slow with your attacking strategy.

Some Clash Royale cheats include;

1.            Use your elixir wisely

Pay attention to the Elixir meter when you bring out new cards to use them. It’s better to allow your towers finish off the smaller troops confronting them rather than spending Elixir to generate a card to defeat them. Only spend your Elixir to generate a powerful troop if you know you will have enough of it to spend on a new troop right after. Don’t be that type of player who wastes Elixir and has none to use against an overwhelming force.

2.            Gather troop cards

When it comes to your troop cards you will want to carry into battle, there are couple you should look out for. Super Goblins and Goblins are cheap when considering the Elixir use, so it’s quite easy to throw a lot of them on the battlefield. Giant Skeleton, Wizard, Minion Horde, and Prince cards also come in handy too. Just adopt a strategy for the cards that works well for you.

3.            Magical chests

Free Chests usually open up when you get them (you will get a new chest every four hours), also Silver Chests take about three hours to open. The Golden Chests take roughly eight hours, the Magic Chests take about 12 hours and the Crown Chests open up straightaway. The last chest types in the game, the Giant Chests take roughly 12 hours while the Super Magic Chests take about 24 hours to open. These are a few Clash Royale hack cheats to help your game.